What is the high quality Links standard

each other, pornographic or PW gaming website, for this type of website, even if the PR value, high flow again, also cannot exchange (only limited to regular website, if your site is, porn or gaming servers, it does not matter), because this kind of the web search engine has been blacklisted, this kind of Links without any help for our ascension website weight (also cannot exchange website to view the blog of Ma Haixiang "related to introduce those cases not exchanging" the Links).

?According to Ma Haixiang

in addition, content includes the following aspects of meaning, to consider the content related to first determine your keywords, as I stand I determine the core keyword "Shanghai dragon" and "network marketing" in two, then I have to consider the content is other site should also include the two key words or one where? That include these keywords will be helpful for ranking


exchange for Links, we must pay attention to the exchange of some high quality chain, the chain can not only quickly improve our keywords ranking, but also bring unexpected traffic, so we give, we determine the high quality Links standard is what

The site is not

2, both sides of the site content must be related to

of these years of experience, good location: the page title, META tags, middle, outbound links to analyze several aspects, if in the above position contains our words, and that this page chain.


as a webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng know website snapshots, and outbound links number is Links mainly to see the index, but the evaluation of these data only accounted for 70% of the weight, in addition, the PR value (though Google has withdrawn from the Chinese mainland, but the page weight high PR have higher weight to Links site is certainly high), aleax ranking, website content update (website content is collected, whether to copy other site information) can also serve as a comprehensive reference.

1, the other site must be regular station

we all know, each site has its own theme, how do we determine the theme of this site? Very simple, see the website what keywords, each website has a main keywords, usually is the theme of the site, but the search engine is also related to its own database of this the theme of the site record.

so this tells exchange our webmaster in exchange Links to find related with their web site links, we give an example, such as Ma Haixiang of Shanghai Phoenix blog is a Shanghai Longfeng site, so when we exchange links as far as possible to find related with Shanghai Longfeng site exchange, rather than find some medical stations to exchange.


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