The secret sharing website keyword mining

: then the degree of difficulty of keywords: in the choice of words, not necessarily the most popular word in it, don’t think such words have effect, it has two shortcomings, first, these words search volume is quite large, if you want to do it, is very difficult. But do not have real effect; second: if you want to use this word to do it, you have to spend a lot of time and manpower for a small business or personally, is not a wise choice, so choose the word. There must be search volume, but not too large, for their own the best

the rapid development of the Internet, shocked, site replacement is speeding up. I believe in doing web business, either the general website or Taobao shopping guide passenger station, after a period of time, found that the site’s profit and his plan is far worse, so they choose to give up or feel the strength of the problem, and then to another start, wasting a lot of time and energy! In fact, this problem is in the middle of the site selection errors caused by key words, no words of good start operation, finally with their goals must have great difference. Today is a railway station, how to their web site keywords aspects with the share, the attention and the problems in the process of


: first, how to determine the site of the primary key: This is very important, this word will is the main source of traffic to the site, a logo is a website, if this word is not accurate, will be difficult to make a difference, there are several criteria: first, the core word selection must ensure that there is a flow of customers to search these words not to say that you think someone can search or flow, let the market speak, through investigation and analysis, even if it is traffic, you may not be able to do it up, so it has inevitable connection, both the flow, but also to ensure that can make up. Two: away from illusion: I have seen a lot of enterprises have their own company name as the key words, if you don’t think about it, I think that promotion is definitely in order to promote the company but the actual analysis is ah! A big loophole, if your company has no reputation, no brand benefit, the customer does not know your company, how to search for it to you. It was impossible to avoid: three industry words, choose high conversion words: many people think that what you do on the mobile phone industry. Choose what words, choose the word mobile phone, but we have not truly understand the needs of customers, the word effect is very difficult, is the portal site guard, you can’t do this, then the word conversion rate is very low, not what meaning, so in the choice of words, some to avoid the industry, and high conversion words in.


: do long tail keywords: because every customer search habits are different, many of them are our own hard to imagine, so we choose the word when we must stick to the customer’s habits, stand in the perspective of customers choose the word, and do long tail key words, and not.


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