The station group success that love Shanghai Shanghai dragon five practical skills

four to the long tail word is better

station with space in the United States, the main space, every space more than four or five sites. Space is crucial to Shanghai dragon success, a problem every two or three days the site is difficult to get the favor of users, not to mention the search engine. There are some risk sharing space, more sites means more risk. A site of malicious attacks will lead to the IP website all suffer, more serious is likely to make your site is lost. So, do Shanghai Longfeng best use IP space. I have a LVSHOU www.ais55贵族宝贝 site, because the site is not cause the snapshot space often echoed, ranking is not good.

station site >

three space is stable, with the IP site


stations in Shanghai love search results still stands, many words are taken, although we do not advocate the station group, but the expression of the group in the Shanghai station search or love can give us some enlightenment of formal site. The following summary stations bring us Shanghai dragon revelation

At present,

a station group often tens of thousands of them, each link to anchor text. Use YAHOO query one site outside the chain chain number can be found in a few thousands, tens of thousands, the number of the chain is very important, but cannot ignore the source of the chain widely degree, popular talk is hard to more site chain. The same 1000 chain, all from a website and from 1000 sites are not the same.

two anchor text, link popularity high

five the firm faith, continue to do

station group operator software every day a large number of false original article. Search engines love fresh of the original article is just as everyone knows, each search engine in the determination of the original article and ability are different. According to the observation stations, pseudo original articles are mostly novels interspersed with composition, from the title of the collection quiz website now, love Shanghai for this kind of articles can not effectively identify. Frequent updates to the original article "Shanghai love a good impression, this kind of website snapshot is usually very new. We must continue to do a large number of original articles updated formal site, a high index of the word is hard to be a not what the station take, even if do go up is not normal. Have not seen one of only one hundred or two hundred article site will "lose weight" "thin" words do home page.

this is characteristic of stations, and many of these words do love Shanghai home before three, has not been observed like this kind of word is slimming stations capture, perhaps related to manual review, fall. But we do normal station is different, can do the top keywords, my advice is to do the long tail word, in the long tail word have good ranking Zaigong top keywords.

frequently update the original article


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