The webmaster should be how to deal with the website included drop

as a professional Shanghai Longfeng personnel, will always pay attention to the site collected. For most of the webmaster, may hold a state of mind: the web site included more better, even that included the king, the chain for the emperor. When more content is included in the website, by chance is also higher, the website ranking will be more in front. Once the site included a serious decline, the webmaster will be very nervous, may doubt whether a site included drop right down.

significantly reduced the number of chain will lead to the decline of the web site included, but the owners in the pursuit of the chain number at the same time, also need to pay attention to the quality of the chain. If there is a low quality of the chain or chain of garbage sites, the site is likely to be implicated. Once the Links site is down right, its website will be affected to a certain extent. In order to avoid such a situation.

when there is a website in a large number of dead links, will cause the website included drop. In the website operation process, may often require revision of the website, but after the revision may be the emergence of a dead link. In general, by setting 404 or using the robot.txt to shield the dead links, and also can use love Shanghai webmaster tools to submit dead links. In the dead link after screen, you can avoid the punishment of the search engine on the web, which included the amount of the original website gradually restored.

3. on the quantity and quality of the chain of

At present, many

1. low quality content, adhere to the original

Delete Although

website after the fall, first need to analyze the reasons for the decline included. When the keywords ranking is relatively stable, but the decline in the collection, this may be because the database did not have a update reason, then there is no need to worry about. Cause there are many websites included the reasons for the decline, such as the stability of the server, if the use of black hat techniques, has been implicated in Links, a substantial decline in the number of backlinks, website poisoning or hanging trojan website, too large amplitude etc.. The reasons for the decline included in determining the site, you can according to the reasons to make corrections. Generally speaking, can from the following several aspects to improve the site included.

sites have a copy, collection, when there are many low quality acquisition content of a web site, even if the page is included in the search engine, once the search engine algorithm, the search engine will crack down on this kind of website, light cancel collect, or even take down the right treatment on site. A large number of duplicate content may be a search engine for cheating judgment. In addition, if there is not related to the theme of the site content of the site, will also be search engine to determine the low quality of the page, which led directly to the site included reducing, even by the K drop right. Therefore, found in the website down, you can try a low quality to delete the contents of the web site, and as far as possible to adhere to the original. High quality original content is the basic approach to improve the website.

2. shielded dead link


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