Whether the cracks in Shanghai Longfeng people Pojianerchu

a reality?

Shanghai dragon appears to be simple, involving knowledge is very comprehensive, need to master some skills, a soft writing ability and data analysis ability, such as the construction of the chain, Shanghai dragon people must grasp these things, but a person’s time and energy is limited. Will we choose comprehensive care for this and lose that, mediocre or if you write proficiency in a particular line? Very good, can rely on to write soft money, an article in the tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, but to write very well, in addition to their own have some writing skills, the rest is unremittingly efforts the. There is no shortcut to what, in reality there are some Shanghai dragon friends always want to learn a lot of things, the results finally what to learn, too difficult to do fine. My suggestion is that a lot of things as long as you understand, to carefully study the important knowledge, pondering.

: the first jump out of the thinking to define themselves as restrictions and fetters, Internet entrepreneur

Shanghai dragon people to settle down is, whether you master the Shanghai Dragon technology, or after the transition of marketing personnel, marketing is a kind of technology, but all the working people are faced with two choices: to continue to work, or to start my own business. But the work never play for a lifetime, entrepreneurship is the best way for a road, but it is the most difficult, as a Shanghai dragon, don’t define himself as the Commissioner of the chain or web editor. Shanghai Dragon technology looks fantastic in fact so many basic operations, if we really want to do is to learn Shanghai dragon website operation knowledge, understand user experience is what, Shanghai dragon is just a corner of network marketing tip, so we have to think out of the restrictions and fetters. In my point of view is to define himself as an Internet entrepreneur, by virtue of their years of accumulated knowledge and contacts, can operate successfully a website, or can open a network company.

when someone asks your occupation, how would you answer? The words of Shanghai Longfeng people have been many people misunderstood, a reference to Shanghai dragon us first reaction may associate words like: IT, post, migrant workers forced to suffer so many peers, unwilling to call themselves Shanghai dragon people. The Shanghai dragon’s future and development, it is now a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, caught in the Shanghai dragon who can break the cocoon into a butterfly? Is a painful process, the process is toward a new life, eat bitter, leading to human. Shanghai dragon is the bottleneck of our "cocoon", the chain Commissioner for two years, do you have some new ideas and thank you? Are you still complacent, lazy, in two ears do not hear out of the window, just as the chain crazy? You still love to call their own misery, migrant workers do IT? In the face of this situation, whether you have the courage to say: NO

or overall proficiency in a particular line.

second: for Shanghai dragon team, select

third: Jane.


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