The 22 Shanghai dragon website chain construction method to conventional 5 minutes

does not use JS > foot

and the visiting team blog


new website external links more difficult, not weight. This can be the first to do a few links in their old site, after a few months, has been included and weight, to exchange links, raise a number of sites on the new website is very useful.




network bookmarks (there are many online bookmarks online services, such as: QQ bookmarks, love Shanghai collection, noble baby bookmark. Owners can register these online services, new content on the site, prior to your own bookmarks account.

companies have a variety of partners, suppliers, customers, investors, raw material suppliers, business partners can be a source of external links. Each partner is the source can request and access to external links, but also from the partner links are usually relatively high quality. Talk about cooperation, a simple sentence may bring a high quality link.

check competitors, can usually find a good source, can rival the chain have also obtained.

check the competition website

to do the chain no clue? Do not know how to do web promotion? Only a short while ago I was like. The chain of the site is still very useful, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice will not do outside the chain, it is a headache, here to give you a list of the 22 sites in the construction of the chain of conventional methods, or that sentence is important for execution.


, such as from the media platform, the third party blog etc.. Can go to the registered account published articles, collect this kind of website, the accumulation of resources.

blog comments are basically with the NF attribute, but bloggers and blog can cause the attention of other people, the interactive form, Lu Songsong was originally started by the blog message.

know Tianya quiz website, usually the weight is very high, if your site has a very high correlation to the content of resource entries, you can add in the further reading section.

many sites are accepted submissions, and will leave a link, each industry will have several authoritative blog.

Many websites for


encyclopedia and quiz website

in the forum message contained in the chain is relatively common, many forum text can also add links.

As long as the

Forum blog

‘s own website

advertising network

blog here refers to the independent blog, building the chain, compared with the commercial website, personal independence blog links is relatively easy to.

The chain of network bookmark


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