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if your website ranking after a period of time did not change, then check what place do badly, the title of the wording and description of these things can be put before you read the grammar used them, these are the so-called user experience, the use of some things in life come to the site.

early in the construction site is the main keyword layout, page inside the head there is a precise keyword, then the following brief introduction of the emergence of a relevant keywords, at the bottom there is text copyright keyword hyperlinks. Here comes about, if you are not a large portal, try not to use the two level domain name, but instead of using two directories.

also is the most important thing is, when you find friendship connection with others, you do friendship connection you can do with what is the root, root, root of a word is composed of one word or two word, this word can be extended to a lot of related key words and the long tail keywords. For example, I want to do the word 2010 exam answers, so I tell people to do the connection, I could use the 2010 exam answer, 2010 section answers, 2010 section of the three words to do, then what is good? Is this word 2010 section is better, but also want to see the situation, whether the overall layout need to look at this station appear 2010 section to do with this root, this root, related keywords extends from the good ranking. If time is limited to a certain period of time, you will need to use accurate keywords to do friendship connection.

in order to improve the site keywords ranking, improve keywords love mass outside the chain with mass software, when you don’t know how to control the degree, it is easy to cause some site is down right, the more serious it will be K off or search engine no longer search your site, like this station is equal to the half-dead is no longer used, so we encounter this kind of situation requires a wide range of modification, until love can touch your website to search the Shanghai spiders (although there are included but is not of much use).

Many new Adsense

and connection do not find related sites, can also find related sites, as long as the snapshot update within a week can be, the evaluation of the search engine on your website is your station is relatively wide, so as to give weight to your site is relatively than other sites to much higher.

the inside page only appear several times accurate keywords, some people may ask "what is the precise keywords?" accurate keywords refers to the words you have to do. If the website keyword density, you can put some keywords with a link, then the search engine will know what is the text, which is the text of the link, this will reduce the keyword density.



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