The new trend of the 2015 Shanghai Dragon Retrospect and Prospect of what will happen next

3. or faster, more mobile, or simply don’t do



just two weeks ago, Google "low-key" announced that they will launch a large-scale "Penguin", in fact, this is the third time they optimize the algorithm, namely penguins algorithm 3, of course in the past three weeks they have begun to practice. In order to prevent you ignore it, the author do explain, Penguin punishment is very serious, once the violation of the provisions of the Google, then your website will be kicked out of the search results page, and it is difficult to come back.

1, and you become one of

we feel that your data link is one of the most important things, it directly determines your search ranking. It is recommended that you can dig it, analyze it, avoid the "virus" link, in strict accordance with the requirements of Google to build guidelines.

2, the use of

in our previous article, we introduced how to build an excellent content strategy for your site, because we think Google is more favored companies that are real, and the ranking will be in front. In fact, Google has also been doing so, from the Vince algorithm before the search engine to upgrade to the latest Panda update. In fact, this effect becomes more and more obvious, original content, high quality, and elaborate will let you become the new king of the Internet, so you need to focus on the content of the above.

is a tragedy, some excellent companies sometimes hire professional Shanghai Longfeng service providers, there are some good sites, due to the negative Shanghai dragon was finally beyond our competitors. The good news is that the penguin 3 will also be punished and website consultation, so if they had been punished before, also have the opportunity to avoid further punishment.


we have said before, if the site does not support mobile, open speed is very slow, the result is bound to be abandoned by Google. In order to help the site to solve the relevant problems, enhance the mobile user experience, Google for the two time "revolution".

astrology business forecast? data link

is the first of a new web site management tools, mobile users allows users to track their own website experience. You know.

, Google to prove that you are a real

prediction is not wise after the event because you said, what, what actually predicted can be traced back to, in order to verify a person had forecast is accurate, just review what he had been doing to guess. Therefore, let us look back on 2014 last year we search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization, Shanghai dragon) the trend of doing it.

What is the difference between


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