The recent love Shanghai algorithm caused by spy website down right

site is down right after I summed up all my mistakes in the process of operation, combined with the analysis of the competition website structure, the quality, especially the outreach I found on the front page of the row is stable and the competition website >

in recent months has been trying to love Shanghai to adjust its search algorithm, as a Shanghai dragon Er, his love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon is changed with the optimization idea. Before buying the chain is more effective for the love of Shanghai. Since the recent algorithm later love Shanghai is now the main content of the chain, the effect of change seems not too obvious. The operation the three website ranking changes each site will be carefully summed up at present.

website run for a short period of time with a lot of outreach, at present has been down the right to know the state of my website last September after it has been maintained in the home for more than three months in the cause of love in Shanghai home because of a large number of Publishing Forum blog every day. This is because the outreach station has been reduced right, right down. The only reason as can be imagined this is not love but right down to Shanghai, which is also the writer to say the following fourth points.

second, there is the website page within the chain, the chain effect is not only to Shanghai but also to the user viscosity of the dragon. The chain can allow users to access the website more content, but also conducive to search engine crawling. But the chain positioning must be accurate or The loss outweighs the gain. The accuracy of unified all the web page URL must be absolutely of. One is an anchor text as much as possible to a unified URL. for such long tail word and link weight increased when the.

The main The

third, even more love website recently in Shanghai to give appropriate giving the right down

first, high quality content. With the love of Shanghai adjustment of high quality original content is won love Shanghai’s favor, like a patchwork of general paragraphs, seems to have not been modified or love to Shanghai. Now the search engine is capable of judging that is SPAM. If a large number of published similar articles may not be very love Shanghai included, even if included may also be deleted when a big update. If it is not what gift to write original articles, you can read other articles and then write into their own articles, to reach this level is the real pseudo original, attention should be paid not only to the original content of the article is more important to the unique novelty, for users to consider. If you are standing in the enterprise products will provide all the details of this product, if their products industry also can put products and others of their products compared to write some unique features of their products and so on, this is the visitor need, the only way to keep your customers.

be of great advantage

Shanghai dragon friends to pay attention to some I suggest several methods:

fourth, link the weight of high quality in Shanghai increased significantly in the algorithm.


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