Do Links note

5.: check someone with your links you must check each other’s information; for example: site: the home page is collected, and the chain, PR value, weight, keywords have observation ranking and so on information we need details. If you have high weight, very good included, keywords ranking are good, "

Links in the chain which belongs to a relatively high weight of import links, promoting ranking, the weights of the transfer function is very effective. In simple terms Links with links to the website you gave me, I take a link to your website. It is the novice in this Links are easily overlooked, it is easy to be deceived; for example: someone right down the website, are likely to be implicated in their own websites or keywords ranking drop and so on. Many veteran all want to Links the beginners want to account for cheap, because the chain can bring the chain effect is very high; then I then illustrate several points for Links note:

4.: General withdrawal and others in the chain will check each other there is no link to your own, then some people on the side with you for a few minutes, immediately delete your links, make your site to bring him a one-way link. Suggest you drink after others for the friends of the chain in an hour to check the site has not been withdrawn link.

1. right down link: if someone else’s site right down, so we have to consider whether to change it; because others website really right down, then we will consider two points: right down will not implicated in the US, what are the advantages of the US; first I have to be clear Shanghai love algorithm said: if a website appeared right down very likely implicated in other sites, resulting in a large all right down problems but they couldn’t find the right down the problem; Links was implicated to drop right is often easy to overlook the webmaster. We know and right down to the website for friends of the chain involved right down, so we need to change it; do not need to answer.

2.: there are a lot of garbage sites do it websites need for friends of the chain, the novice is not pay attention to the situation and others in the garbage, so the site will bring us what harm? Their website is made of black hat optimization, keywords appear in the page accumulation and related content, a large number of hidden links etc.. If we change our website and he will be right down, out of some problems, the K keyword ranking stations and so on, we don’t need more and they exchange chain.

clear classification Links: single link, link, cross link

3. code shield: there are some bad people use some code to link your weight to prevent the loss of shielding, for example: add nofollow attribute, or use some black hat shielding technology. So they give you no good site transfer weight, only you give them with a single link.


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