Rich original content is the website construction and optimization of the key


day school and the government will have a lot of news, but because of its particularity, most of the original content only. We look at the government website, especially some of the capital city of the website, to publish content every day. Rich, high-quality, original content is the search engine’s dream. Again, for some part of Web site optimization for ranking and content, many websites or reproduced copy has been indexed by search engines, or by changing the title, adjust the paragraph order pseudo original. Even if some can be the content of the original, is empty, three segment or even only one section of a sentence of the article is not in the minority. This kind of deception search engine, if the site weight went up, the other high quality website itself is a injustice. How to understand the "content is king"? Rich web content is the only way to unremittingly diligently.

content is the soul of the website, a website content is undoubtedly the lack of lack of soul, and a site on the east to fight the pseudo original words to maintain the rankings, it can be likened to a dirty and morbid soul. So to the site is search engine value, first need to do is to stick with the original content of the search engine to meet the one and only. Some people may hold different opinions, even through the search engine to find a lot of websites, how many are not even copied, but the ranking is very high. Indeed, the search engine is a program, mechanical algorithm many times are not perfect, but also give you an opportunity to optimize the cheaters. However, we can look at the rankings have been stable in front of those sites, is not the content is very rich? And those obtained by cheating website ranking, after a period of time will be punished down quietly.

, the one and only original content is the key to

of website construction and website optimization, "content is king" seems to be the everlasting truth. Literally, the content is the emphasis of the website must have content, for quality and quantity with the content of the website can be called. Before I was puzzled why some universities and government website weight are so high, even blindly believe that the search engine to compare the value of education and government website. After careful analysis, it is the government and educational website, there are a lot of old station for many years, the weight and ranking is still not what. Some web site is very front rank, natural search engine gave very high positive weights. The real key is the original, high quality and rich original content plays a role.

not all of the content, can enhance the site weight, a site there is a need to express the theme. The original content is around this theme, hammer West a wooden stick East cobbled together will only backfire. If your site is the theme of the website construction, so the content of the website should be around the center to write, write some related website content, the domain such as the Internet, for example.


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