Shanghai dragon is the tip of the iceberg in network marketing

4, other

video. Video content mainly reflects their tea is the origin of every detail, may allow users to purchase, after the production of Taobao in the mall.

side suggested that he didn’t need to do site, because the site needs to cost optimization needs "

1, Taobao mall. The purpose is to show their products, let people experience the origin of tea style, can be divided into two types, one is the customer’s own tea, vacuum packaging can be simple, the other is used for gifts, packaging should work at. The establishment of Taobao mall in order to allow users to buy tea more trust, more assured.


(Search Engine Optimization) Shanghai dragon, mean search engine optimization, is one of the most effective way of marketing today, the Shanghai dragon can make your search keywords to the user, resulting in orders, but from the website optimization we can find that the search engine algorithm has too much instability, every time the update may affect the keywords ranking, always let a person with the popularity of Shanghai dragon always on tenterhooks, other industries, more and more people are engaged in this industry, will greatly increase the degree of competition in the industry. According to the individual industries and summarizes some own views:

two, how to compete in some popular industry

. For example, the establishment of QQ group forum messages, add some tea lovers, go through the QQ group promotion of their products.

said the most popular industry popular keywords, friend’s view is not necessary to compete, after all, need a lot of manpower and resources, is a dead one, but if we have advantage in one respect, whether there is a need to compete? For example, some of Anxi’s friends, home Tieguanyin tea, is bound to have their own advantages in quality and price of tea, personally think that in addition to Shanghai dragon, also can use other ways to do:

, all keywords are suitable for Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon is a method of free and effective, but may not be suitable for all sites, some hot industry, competitive keywords inevitably fierce, want to try may have to pay a lot of effort, to the last possible words did not make up, but hang; such as tea industry is now a hot industry Tieguanyin, as early as a few years has swept the Internet, to grab the key now is as difficult as ever, love Shanghai from search results page 74, about ninety-five percent are home to compete, popularity can be imagined the words, from this we can see that all the website can do Shanghai the dragon, but not all words are worth us to do.


3, the use of soft propaganda. The purpose is to let the user know the origin of the tea is, in terms of quality and price have an advantage over others.


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