Liu Jun why website external links number but leading Shanghai dragon ranking

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two account level almost, equipment is almost the same, so who PK technology is good, who can win, sometimes luck is also very important. Then the two Shanghai dragon competition site keywords ranking, if the site weight almost, than Shanghai Longfeng details, that is what Shanghai Dragon Technology components.

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website ranking what factors

Shanghai dragon really depends on what to get keywords ranking, Shanghai dragon of what is in the website to do what? This problem is actually down my previous ideas are easy to understand, or to explain this legend. We play the legend of how to obtain the PK victory, is the natural link, improve equipment, practice of PK technology. And the website keywords ranking competition Shanghai Longfeng is leveling, such as through websites and links included the overall promotion website weight, then to compete the keywords as we take account and others a reason.

recently a friend every two or three days are repeatedly asked me a question, he is the hands of one station has been ranked second in a keyword, the first station that contains hundreds of external links, just a few hundred, and that his own station included more than 1000, more than 1000 external links. He felt the love of Shanghai is very unfair, I every time he asked me this question, just for various reasons no time for detailed answer, today on this topic in detail to write an article to answer nature article.

The only factor What do what in Shanghai dragon

back to the original question: why is my website external links than that station but ranking it behind


first proposed a problem, website ranking only factor is the number of Web sites included and the chain number? Obviously this is wrong, the number included in the site and chain number is an important factor to the website ranking, but not the only one, so that when the total number of your site outside the chain and web sites are included more than the others, but ranking it behind the case, only shows that your site is behind the opponent in other factors.

website ranking only included the number and number of

if you played the legendary, this problem is very well understood. You can put the website ranking as the legend of PK, a competitive two web site keywords ranking it as the two legendary account PK, who ranks high equipped naturally before PK took advantage of. The site level you can understand website weight. For example, your hand site is Sina, and my hand was the site of a new wordpress blog, obviously, we also compete when a keyword as you use a level 45 and level 0 legendary account my account pk. If I am in good technology is also very difficult to defeat you.



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