The specific operation on competitors

The style and structure of

because of the same industry competitors, understand the core keywords competition is cruel. You have to think of a way to find another way, and keyword research competitors, can spread to his long tail keywords strategy. From the long tail keywords can also be extended to his site, this is a keyword mining way.

, a domain name history tracing

three, see the labels describe

, the two key words


URL is a style of eye to understand things, mainly to see they take is dynamic or static URL URL. In terms of search engines, static URL is still relatively popular. Although the dynamics of the URL, a search engine will also be included, but in comparison, static would have some advantages. There is a URL structure, due to the limited capacity of the spider crawl the site, the content is to grasp the key content that they. The judge may, with the level of URL has been associated with. At least in Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization guide above said URL level as easy. The following figure: 20120223 this is a date in the form of the site is to separate the year month day. I think they can be combined to reduce UR>

when we query the competitor’s label, if it is found that the label and describe their bad or not written. We can know that the competitor is not terrible, want to go beyond it is not difficult. Because of the importance of tags, especially title in Shanghai Longfeng optimization above the importance of Shanghai dragon Er will be to optimize the operation place, if a competitor is not optimized in it, can think of this competition is not terrible. And if they express label on very well, we can also learn from.

The Study on

four, URL

domain name history trace can not only see the domain name to the history of time, but also can find out the domain name, if you have a program change, to change the subject. We all know that the old domain has a relatively new domain name advantage exists, as long as you know the old domain name has not been punished search engine, inherited the old domain is a good choice to buy a domain name. Because it not only provides the time domain name advantage, but also to write the weight transfer.

competition in every industry is there, and our stationmaster industry competition is more intense the unspeakable. But the existence of competition is not necessarily a bad thing, because in Shanghai Longfeng optimization above, may become his mentor competitors, to optimize their own methods, practical results show in front of us, for we can learn from. How can we conduct competitor study? Here are some specific operation on the competitors:


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