The recruitment website how to use love Shanghai open platform to get traffic

hourly updates in the results show that the probability is high.

although the move attracted complaints website owners, but did not stop the development trend of open platform. The number of recruitment websites rely on search traffic, its impact is self-evident, the following simple analysis of open platform recruitment websites flow interception. The word from the current love Shanghai search, from "Recruitment", "fair" and the position information of the keyword traffic, such as "Shandong Recruitment", the search results will first display:

how to intercept traffic

if the recruitment information of your site is updated daily enough, you can try to submit data to the love of Shanghai open platform, the process is generally: Registration Platform account – fill in the application form for the qualification and audit resources submit mail submission. If you love Shanghai and some aspects of cooperation, can try to contact the open platform data cooperation. The submitted data resources must be in accordance with the format requirements of the open platform data, or even through the qualification examination, the data will not be displayed, submit the data to set up the

" will show love Shanghai open platform included the data from this page can directly reach the target page, many are your competitors. In the job search time, search keywords position if there is no geographical restrictions, love Shanghai will be in accordance with the IP search area automatically match the display results, there will be geographical restrictions, can accurately locate the target users, a search for "driver" in Beijing,

Click the "

how to get traffic through the open platform

love Shanghai open platform line for almost half a year, the platform’s launch has caused a network industry of criticism, as the love of Shanghai’s own products, show the data on the front page of the first few behoove, from originally belonging to the ranking good site traffic, serious damage to the main site interest.

displays the results from the current search, love Shanghai recruitment website included more than 20 companies, including Zhaopin, ChinaHR is the first to be included, in addition to this observation, data collection station group website, such as capital, talent network, talent network Qilu are 51rc area below the site’s Web site, the author after the site and related departments to understand, the website has many aspects of cooperation and love of Shanghai, is an open platform contains so much data, but also love Shanghai active cooperation, site staff revealed that the data submitted to the open source platform, volume growth, especially in the page source, a before nearly doubled. The rational use of good love Shanghai open platform, to rely on search for the flow of talent website can be said to be more effective.


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