Love of Shanghai to the railway station, why not before speed

through the search engine search domain, carefully review the site outside the chain, see ever station records, there are also some professional web site history provide the domain name query, you can refer to.

welcome to exchange!

7, independent IP, familiar words, people and groups, and group IP, sharing sites as companions, will enter the search engine ranks reference.

5, Shanghai Webmaster Platform love has been crawling, but there is no release content.

In fact, the original

1, select the correct formal domain name, domain name check once the site history, in the Internet environment has left a bad influence, if it is best not to do before the same website content website.


high quality is the key to the site is included, the quality plus the amount of the chain attract spider to find your article, so the article was collected sooner or later, Shanghai dragon is a process of accumulation, unremittingly efforts will come. The new Jianli resources (贵族宝贝xinjianli贵族宝贝),

6, the spatial stability is also a critical problem, if unable to access the site is, and let the spider wall, so the spider is not willing to try again to crawl the site.

3, website content is the root of a website, the website determines the quality of your website content is high quality and out of the ordinary, every webmaster need to think about this question.

love Shanghai for the new sites included not increase may have many causes, we will first cause 11 cases, and analysis of its overall solution.

2, crawl settings, robots.txt file settings are correct, whether to shield the spider crawling, this problem is easily overlooked, best to check your robots.txt file.

4, the construction site outside the chain, the new station every day the best quantitative construction, don’t add too much outside the chain, then a few days to go to management.

to avoid many sites included slow reason, also need more carefully to the webmaster. Register an account in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform first, will be the site for authentication, then can set the view index and robots.txt file, in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform can check the chain changes, and whether the generated web space can not access the situation.


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