first_imgDear Editor,The revelation by former Army Chief of Staff Gary Best that there was only anecdotal evidence of Roger Khan’s involvement in criminal activity is a shocker. The PNC, of which Mr Best is an executive member, has been selling this “bogeyman” to the public along with the story of “400 black youth killed” as gospel for many years now. Even when faced with the factual analysis of the ”list”, people have persisted with belief in this myth. The PNC was elected on a platform of anecdotal stories of crime, corruption, and economic mismanagement.In contrast, the PPP has been providing solid, actionable evidence to the public and the Guyana Police Force to support any claim made to date. Readers may recall the wall plastered with maps at a recent press conference held by Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo – allegations of financial impropriety levelled against David Patterson stated a specific amount of US$9000 deposited in his account; Valerie Sharp-Patterson-Yearwood was confronted with copies of signed contracts for work awarded to her husband. Simona Broomes was similarly given the specific figures of monies transferred directly into the bank accounts to her children by the Ministry of the Presidency, this list could be extended beyond a few pages of your publication.The Granger Administration has responded poorly to evidence of corrupt activities by its Ministers – silence for weeks and then poor excuses followed by re-assignment in the case of the minor leaguers and brazen ‘so-what’ from the major league figures. Winston Jordan does not care that he said there was no signing bonus from ExxonMobil, even as he worked to utilise the US$18 million as an “investment” in Canada; David Patterson is yet to provide evidence of his transfer of the US$9000 to MARAD, we are expected to accept his “anecdotal” tale as fact. Reliance on anecdotes would seem to be the policy of APNU/AFC.Editor, I would welcome feedback from the public to the question of if they would rather rely on “nancy stories” or legally actionable evidence upon which to make decisions come Election Day 2020. I will continue to work from the assumption that evidence and facts are the preferred choices of the electorate, but, should it be the former, let “anecdote” week begin forthwith! Did you hear the one about who killed the ballot box martyrs in 1973…anyone?Respectfully,Robin Singhlast_img read more