first_imgEA has just given those calling for a new Wii console featuring HD graphics a game to hold up as proof why it’s required. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit looks pretty bad as these two gameplay videos demonstrate.We all know that the Wii hardware is limited compared to the 360 and PS3, but is this really the best that EA can do with a racing game?AdChoices广告It looks as though the focus has been on getting as many cars on the screen as possible, and this in turn may make gameplay fantastic. But if this is the quality of the graphics then the gameplay really does need to be fantastic if it’s going to get good reviews and sell a few million copies.If initial Amazon customer reviews are anything to go by then the game is already set for the bargain bins. Of the 3 available to view this morning all of them highlighted the graphics as being very poor and the star ratings therefore aren’t great.Read more at CVGMatthew’s OpinionIt amazes me when developers do this with such a well-known game franchise. The Wii is the best selling console this generation, and Need for Speed has a reputation to uphold of producing some great games in the past. So why has a sub-standard port of Hot Pursuit ended up getting released for Wii?I suspect it may be a limited-budget, rushed job to get the game out alongside the PS3 and 360 versions. Maybe EA think Wii gamers aren’t big on racing games, but if this is the quality they can expect it makes sense why racing games don’t sell that well on the console. Still, this is a real disappointment and EA could have set the bar high with this game.For comparison’s sake, here’s the game running on the 360:last_img read more