first_imgIt’s good to be home.That will most certainly be the sentiment on Friday, as songwriter Jane Kramer, who has long had ties with the Asheville area, returns to The Grey Eagle to celebrate the release of her brand new record, Carnival of Hopes.Kramer, who studied at Warren Wilson College and made her musical mark in the region as part of The Barrel House Mamas, spent some years out west before returning to North Carolina last year.Kramer is certainly hitting her stride on Carnival of Hopes, her second solo release. She embraces songwriting that runs through a gamut of emotions, with heartache, regret, fear, and hope resounding deeply in her lyrics, and each tune is delivered with a voice that only be described as one of the purest in modern Americana.Carnival of Hopes is a steady stream of beauty and features a bevy of musicians well familiar to the Asheville scene. Nicky Sanders, long time fiddler for Steep Canyon Rangers, took part in the recording, as did Franklin Reel, cellist for Sirius B, and Eliot Wadopian, River Guerguerian, and Chris Rosser of Free Planet Radio. Many of these musicians, along with others from the record and many of Kramer’s Asheville friends, will be joining her on stage Friday night.For evidence of just how good Jane Kramer is, check out the title track from the new record, which Trail Mix happily features this month.Jane Kramer called Western North Carolina home for a time before venturing off. Now she has returned, complete with a rousing and powerful new record. Like the antique ferris wheel featured on her new disc, she has come full circle.For more information on Jane Kramer, the new record, or her concert schedule, make sure to check out her website.Trail Mix would like to give you the chance to catch Jane Kramer, along with The Sea The Sea, on Friday at The Grey Eagle. If you are interested, take a shot at the trivia question down below. Email your answer to [email protected] A winner of two tickets to the show will be chosen from all correct answers received by noon tomorrow (Thursday, February 25th).Question . . . All of the tracks on Carnival of Hopes were written by Jane, with the exception of “Down South.” What free fallin’ songwriter can take credit for penning that one?And remember . . . . email your answers in. Don’t post them down below in the comments section. That’s no fun for anyone![divider]More from the Trail Mix Blog[/divider]last_img read more

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Barrett Brown, the American journalist best known for his dogged reporting on the clandestine U.S. intelligence community, is “remorseful” and regrets making a series of now-infamous YouTube rants brimming with anger and defiance that ultimately led to his arrest almost 20 months ago, Brown’s Texas-based lawyer told the Press in one of the few lengthy interviews he’s conducted since a gag order was lifted last month.Brown, now jailed for 20 months, formally pleaded guilty this week to Internet threats, accessory after the fact in the unauthorized access of a protected computer, and interfering with the execution of a search warrant. Brown signed the plea agreement with federal prosecutors in Texas in March, but the document was held under seal until late April. He faces a maximum prison sentence of 8 1/2 years.The potential prison time is exponentially less than the 100-plus years he faced prior to the government inexplicably dropping 11 counts related to his sharing of a publicly available hyperlink.The charges stemmed from the hack of global intelligence contractor Stratfor, and were only dropped after Brown’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss. Those allegations in particular troubled several civil liberty and press freedom groups who were concerned that the charges could chill speech. In fact, several groups threatened to file an Amicus Brief before the counts were dismissed.During his interview with the Press, Brown’s lawyer, Ahmed Ghappour, criticized prosecutors for what he deemed over-broad charges, questioned why the government filed three separate indictments instead of one, and explained that neither Brown nor anyone on his behalf developed a media strategy to manipulate the public through the press and social media, as prosecutors suggested in their request for a gag order.Additionally, Ghappour revealed that Brown is already thinking about life after jail, noting that Brown intends to once again pursue journalism upon his eventual release—which may not come as a surprise to his most ardent supporters who considered Brown’s reporting, particularly on shady government contractors not beholden to the American public, a necessary public service.“Absolutely, he can’t wait,” Ghappour told the Press. “And he may have already gotten an offer or two.”PLEASE JOIN US IN THANKING OUR UNDERWRITERS FOR SUPPORTING QUALITY JOURNALISM. ACCESS TO OUR WEBSITE IS FREE DUE TO THE SUPPORT OF OUR UNDERWRITERS. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.But before Brown can explore those opportunities, there’s the matter of his August 18 sentencing. During the interview, Ghappour insisted that Brown would have already served sufficient time—nearly two years—by the time his sentencing date arrives, and claimed that Brown is repentant.“He’s remorseful for the conduct and he accepts responsibility for it,” Ghappour said. “He did not cause an extreme amount of damage, nobody was hurt physically or financially by the YouTube video, which did not cause any substantial disruption for law enforcement.”The YouTube videos represent just one facet of Brown’s legal struggles since his arrest, and prosecutors’ initial charges related to his lashing out on the world’s most popular video sharing service were far less controversial than the counts related to copying and pasting the link from one Internet Relay Chat (IRC) to another he ran on his website, Project PM. Prosecutors said in court documents that the link not only contained thousands of hacked documents, but also 5,000-plus stolen credit card account numbers from Stratfor clients.Related – Barrett Brown: American Journalist, Whistleblower & PrisonerBrown was never accused of the hack, which was perpetrated by the hacking collective Anonymous, though he was interested in reporting on its contents. The leaked documents revealed Stratfor’s close relationship with government agencies, among other interesting findings. The hacker Jeremy Hammond was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the crime.“The reality is that Barrett had wanted to take responsibility for everything that he actually did,” Ghappour said. “The problem was that the December indictment (related to the hack) did not contain anything that he did. So when the government dropped the problematic charges we were very quick to accept responsibility.”“They were certainly over-broad,” he added of the link-sharing charges.Brown, who became the public face of Anonymous, but has denied ever being an official spokesperson for the collective, was not officially charged until six months after federal agents raided his unoccupied apartment as well as his mother’s home.In pleading guilty to interfering with the execution of a search warrant, Brown admits in the case’s factual resume that he and his mother concealed two laptops containing his journalistic work and research for a forthcoming book. The court documents also note that the pair set up another laptop on a table to act as a decoy.Ghappour said a purpose for hiding the laptops “was to protect his sources and work product.”Outraged at the government for both seizing his laptops and for obstruction of justice threats directed at his mother, which she eventually pleaded guilty to, Brown publicly vented in a profanity-laced, and sometimes incoherent, three-part YouTube rant.Brown called FBI Special Agent Robert Smith a “chicken shit little faggot cock sucker,” and allegedly threatened to “look into his fucking kids.”Those and other troubling remarks—“That’s why Robert Smith’s life is over. And when I say over, I don’t say I’m gonna go kill him, but I am gonna ruin his life…”—however, are not related to his pleading guilty for Internet threats because they were not considered physical threats.Instead, the charge stems from another verbal outburst later in the video in which Brown suggested he would resort to violence if they entered his property.“Any armed officials of the U.S. government, particularly the FBI, will be regarded as potential [Los] Zeta assassin squads and as the FBI and DPD know…I’m armed and I come from a military family, that I was taught to shoot by a Vietnam vet and by my father, a master hunter of all things…I will shoot all of them and kill them if they come and do anything because they are engaged in a criminal conspiracy and I have reason to fear for my life, not just from the Zetas but from the U.S. government.”He added: “And frankly, it was pretty obvious that I was going to be dead before I was 40 or so, so I wouldn’t mind going out with two FBI sidearms like a fucking Egyptian pharaoh. Adios.”Ghappour has up until recently been unable to publicly discuss his client’s case due to a government-proposed gag order that became effective in September 2013.Prosecutors suggested in court documents filed at the time that Brown and others were soliciting the media “or media-types” to discuss his cases.“Since May 1, 2013, the government has reason to believe that Brown’s attorney coordinates and/or approves the use of the media,” court documents state. “Most of the publicly about Brown thus far contain gross fabrications and substantially false recitations of facts and law which may harm both the government and the defense during jury selection.”Prosecutors then listed nine examples to support the claim, adding:“Brown has shown his intent to continue to manipulate the public through press and social media comments, in defiance of the admonishment by the United States Magistrate Judge.”Ghappour said that was not the case, and that lawyers’ involvement was strictly legal.“Our only ‘strategy’ was to make sure that Barrett’s statements were within the bounds of the law,” he said.“But also that they were not harmful to him, that he was not harming himself by making any statements,” Ghappour added.Many of Brown’s supporters adamantly believe that he was initially being investigated for his journalism—which largely focused on exposing U.S. government contractors that work in the shadows.And charging him with sharing a hyperlink was especially troubling, civil liberty groups have said.The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit advocacy group committed to defending Internet freedoms, among other groups, argued in an Amicus Brief that was never officially filed: “The First Amendment protects Mr. Brown’s publication of a publicly-available and lawfully-obtained web address linking to millions of pages of documents discussing suspect activities of the United States government intelligence contractor Stratfor Global Intelligence.”“Mr. Brown,” it continued, “is a well-known and published journalist, and this publication was a necessary part of routine newsgathering and news reporting activities.”Additionally, the nonprofit Reporters Without Borders, which publishes an annual report dubbed the “Press Freedom Index,” also came out in Brown’s defense, and cited his jailing, along with the so-called war on whistleblowers, as a reason why it dropped the United States in its rankings for 2013, from 32 to 46.Brown will spend the next three months behind bars, as he has been doing since his September 2012 arrest. What comes next is anyone’s guess.“Barrett is a brilliant but troubled young man,” said Ghappour, “who with the right community support is certain to be a productive member of society.”last_img read more

first_imgLetterkenny Town Councillor Jimmy Kavanagh has called on the council to update the derelict sites register for the town and to set about enforcing the terms of the derelict sites act, in an effort to rid the town of derelict buildings and sites.Under the Derelict Sites Act, the owners of urban land or property listed on the derelict sites register must pay an annual levy to their local authority of three percent of the market value of their property; this can subsequently rise to a maximum of ten percent.Cllr Kavanagh now wants a survey of the Letterkenny Town Council area and an upgrade of the derelict sites register and to adopt a policy of zero tolerance in the enforcement of the levies payable under the Act. “Derelict sites and boarded up houses give a bad impression, they are a magnet for anti social behaviour, they lower the value of the houses around them, and they undermine the magnificent work being done by the tidy towns committee.“In a number of instances the owners of derelict houses in the town live far away from them and seem to care little that their properties are an eyesore, these owners are also well removed from the anti social behaviour that their boarded up houses attract.“In other cases the owners are banks and other state agencies, and I feel that if the penalties under the Act were strictly enforced that these particular owners would be compelled to deal with the problem much more quickly.” Kavanagh concluded.  ZERO TOLERANCE NEEDED ON DERELICT HOUSES AND SITES – KAVANAGH was last modified: October 9th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Cllr Jimmy Kavanaghderelict siteslast_img read more

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first_imgPakistan rode on skipper Sarfraz Ahmed’s unconquered 61 to recover from a middle-order collapse and pull off a three-wicket victory over Sri Lanka in a virtual quarter-final Group B ICC Champions Trophy clash at Sophia Gardens here on Monday to qualify for the semifinals.Chasing 237 for a triumph, fast bowler Mohammad Amir (28 not out) showed great resolve to stitch together an unbeaten 75-run stand with Sarfraz for the eighth wicket to help his side register the win in a see-saw battle. At one point, Sri Lanka had their rivals on the mat at 162/7 but had poor fielding and dropped chances to blame for their loss.Pakistan, which chased the target in 44.5 overs, got off to a rollicking start riding young southpaw Fakhar Zaman’s quickfire 36-ball 50 but Nuwam Pradeep (3/60) put a spanner on his works by getting him out just when he was looking very good.AThe opening pair between ZamanAand Azhar Ali stitched together a 74-run partnership.Ali’s dogged (34; 50b; 2×4 1×6) came to a premature end also after Babar Azam (10; 18b; 1×4) and Mohammad Hafeez (1) failed to contribute.Pakistan lost the middle order in a hurry with seasoned campaigner Shoaib Malik (11; 20b 1×4 0x6), Imad Wasim (4) and Fahim Ashraf (15; 15b; 1×4, 1×6) not lasting long.It was down to Sarfraz to lead from the front and the 30-year old made the most of two reprieves to steer Pakistan over the line alongwith important contribution from Amir.Sarfraz was dropped twice by Thisara Perera and substitute Seekkuge Prasanna on 38 and 40 respectively, bith times off Lasith Malinga’s bowling.advertisementlast_img read more

first_imgzoom “Green Corridor” joint industry project (JIP) partners have presented an LNG-fuelled Newcastlemax design which is in the process of receiving Approval in Principle (AiP) from DNV GL.At the Nor-Shipping trade fair in Oslo today, project partners BHP, Fortescue, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL), Rio Tinto, SDARI, U-Ming, Woodside, and DNV GL said that the stage one of the JIP has demonstrated the commercial potential and technical feasibility of LNG-fuelled bulkers in a “green corridor” iron ore and coal trade between Australia and China.The new Newcastlemax design developed in the “Green Corridor” JIP has been developed to a stage where it is ready to serve as the outline specification for newbuilding orders in 2017.Vessels would feature a length of 300 meters, a breadth of 50 meters and a deadweight at scantling draught of 210,000 tons.“This JIP has shown that by bringing together partners from across the industry to investigate alternative compliance options that account for market and trade route characteristics…we can arrive at unique solutions that fulfil owners and operators’ requirements, as well as being in full compliance with international rules and regulations,” Morten Løvstad, DNV GL – Maritime Business Director Bulk Carriers, said.“By having both charterers and ship owners as active partners in the JIP, we are also optimistic that this new design will materialize into firm orders in the near future,” Løvstad added.last_img read more

first_imgCustomInk, the leading provider of custom apparel and accessories for groups and communities, kicks off its 6th annual Be Good to Each Other campaign today, calling attention to bullying prevention and honoring National Bullying Prevention Month throughout the month of October.Charlie Puth Be Good to Each Other t-shirtIn support of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, the Be Good to Each Other campaign unites people of all ages by encouraging them to take a stand against bullying and promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. CustomInk has again partnered with a roster of prominent celebrities to support the campaign, who have each designed their own limited edition custom t-shirt.“At CustomInk, we’re all about bringing people together in positive ways and strengthening their sense of community through custom apparel,” said Lisa Macpherson, Chief Marketing Officer at CustomInk. “The Be Good to Each Other campaign not only promotes community inclusion, respect, and compassion, it is also an expression of the power of t-shirts to support the effort to collectively end bullying.”For the past five years, CustomInk has raised awareness of bullying prevention efforts through the sales of custom anti-bullying gear. This year, participating influencers were given the word – “Be” – and encouraged to create a positive and motivational message that reinforces self-worth while promoting acceptance in a personal, yet unifying way. Phrases featured in the campaign include “Be Daringly Different,” “Be Unbreakable,” and “Be Dynamic.”Charlie Puth, 2016 Billboard Music Awards winner and platinum Recording Artist, helped to ignite the campaign by creating a t-shirt showcasing the phrase “Be Unique.” Through the statement on his shirt, Puth is vocalizing his disapproval of bullying, asking people to take pride in what makes them unique, and encouraging his fans to rally behind this important cause.“It’s important for all of us to speak up and encourage young people to be good to one another,” said Charlie Puth. “I’m excited to stand alongside CustomInk and support the Be Good to Each Other campaign to help bring awareness to bullying prevention month and encourage people nationwide to put an end to bullying.”Other voices joining the cause have created their own bullying prevention t-shirts that will be on sale for the duration of the campaign. These individuals include: Elias Harger (Actor), Jackson Harris (Recording Artist), Jenna Ortega (Actress), Jordan Smith (Singer), Kennedy Raye (Influencer), Lilimar Hernandez (Actress), Lizzy Greene (Actress), Madeline Stuart (Fashion Model), Madison De La Garza (Actress), Michael Campion (Actor), and Milla “Star” Bizzotto (Athlete).“Since it was founded ten years ago in October of 2006, National Bullying Prevention Month has helped raise awareness of the effects of bullying and sparked conversations, community action and social media support,” said Julie Hertzog, director of PACER. “It’s important that we keep the momentum moving forward with campaigns, like CustomInk’s Be Good to Each Other, to help build safe and supportive schools, communities and online environments for students.”Through October 31st, CustomInk will donate profits from the sales of bullying prevention t-shirts, up to $100,000, to PACER in its effort to engage, educate, and unite communities nationwide. For more details on the campaign or to purchase the limited edition shirts visit read more

first_imgDrummers smudge, sing Mi’kmaq Honour Song at Halifax #JusticeForColten rally @APTNNews— Justin Brake (@JustinBrakeNews) February 10, 2018 Over 1000 people at Justice for Colten Boushie in Saskatoon— Chris Stewart (@aptnchris) February 10, 2018 ‘There was no justice served here today’: Jade Tootoosis spoke Friday night after Gerald Stanley acquitted in shooting death of her cousin, Colten Boushie #JusticeForColtenBoushie— APTN National News (@APTNNews) February 10, 2018 A look at the Winnipeg rally in support of #JusticeForColtenBoushie – Photos from @bhobs22— APTN National News (@APTNNews) February 10, 2018 APTN National News reporter Brittany Hobson covered the Winnipeg rally, it started at the Oodeena Circle and ending at the Law Courts of Winnipeg and to the RCMP “D” Division. Skookamina Marchand from the Syllx FN #JusticeForColten @APTNInvestigate @APTNNews— Robert Anson Smith (@kingcomeVJ) February 10, 2018 APTN Investigates reporter Rob Smith was at the rally in Vancouver. Martha Troian APTN Investigates At the Lil’ Bans Hockey Tournament in Dryden, Ont., players participated in a moment of silence for the injustices and racism thath Indigenous face and pray for healing and the coming together of all people. Rallies planned as calls for change follow Saskatchewan verdict @katmarte #JusticeForColtenBoushie— APTN National News (@APTNNews) February 10, 2018 Many drums out today. Asking for change. @APTNNews @APTNInvestigate #mb #cdnpoli— Martha Troian (@ozhibiiige) February 10, 2018 On February 14th, 2pm CST, InFocus will take a look at rural racism in Canada and the Gerald Stanley and Colten Boushie case. At least 100 ppl + counting have come together in #tbay after Gerald Stanley was found not guilty of murder in the shooting death of young #ColtenBoushie in SK. @APTNNews— Willow Fiddler (@WillowBlasizzo) February 10, 2018 #JusticeForColten #IdleNoMore #Toronto— Beverly Andrews (@APTNBeverly) February 10, 2018 Over 1000 people showed up at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon to show solidarity and support for the Boushie and Baptiste family. APTN National News reporter Chris Stewart was there.center_img APTN Investigates reporter, Martha Troian attended Winnipeg’s rally at the RCMP “D” Division. Participants chanted, “No Justice, No Peace” after the drumming. Many supporters adorned with signs to their backs with words that read, ‘Justice for Colten.’ More photos by APTN National News reporter Brittany Hobson. Tim Fontaine from The Laughing Drum with APTN was at the rally in Winnipeg. Is there a problem with racism in rural Canada? #StanleyTrial— APTN InFocus (@APTNInFocus) February 10, 2018 On the eve before several rallies unravelled across the country, Jade Tootoosis is seen here after the verdict was read declaring Gerald Stanley not guilty in the shooting of Tootoosis’s cousin, Colten Boushie. Tootoosis told the crowd the family will fight for an appeal. Arms joined in a moment of silence at the #LilBands hockey tourney in Dryden for #ColtenBoushie + the “injustices + racism” across the country incl deaths of Joey Knapaysweet + Agnes Sutherland fr Fort Albany FN after altercations w Timmins police. @APTNNews— Willow Fiddler (@WillowBlasizzo) February 11, 2018 #justiceforcolten rally, Winnipeg— Tim Fontaine (@anishinaboy) February 10, 2018 Hundreds of supporters, of all ages, march through downtown Vancouver calling for justice for Colten Boushie.— Brittany Hobson (@bhobs22) February 10, 2018 Supporters from Halifax gathered outside of the court house, many of them holding candles and drums. APTN National News reporter Justin Brake and APTN Investigates reporter Trina Roache were at the event. David Dennis wants you to remember Colten as a little baby. #JusticeForColten @APTNNews @@APTNInvestigate— Robert Anson Smith (@kingcomeVJ) February 10, 2018 Many people on Twitter used the hashtag #JusticeforColten and the hashtag #IdleNoMore was also seen. APTN National News reporter Beverly Andrews was at Toronto’s rally, at least 200 people attended Nathan Phillips Square. Supporters in Thunder Bay called for justice for Colten Boushie. APTN National News reporter Willow Fiddler was there.last_img read more