first_imgI’m pretty certain Halo 4 would be a hit even if Microsoft hadn’t spent a small fortune advertising its release. The series is just that popular among gamers. But Microsoft isn’t content with you just buying the game, they want you playing it all the time, and will reward you for doing so.One of the promotions for the launch of the game is the chance to earn yourself up to 800 Microsoft points. 200 of those points are easy to get: you just have to spend 3,000 points on Halo content in the Xbox Live Marketplace. The other 600 are much harder to grab, though.Microsoft has set a deadline of November 30 and wants you to play Halo 4 multiplayer for as many hours as you can before then. Achieving 35 hours multiplayer earns you 100 points. Push that total up past 70 hours and you get 300 points. In order to grab 600 points you need to have clocked at least 140 hours.Today is the 7th, meaning you have 23 days left to accrue those hours. In other words, you’ve got to be putting in 6 or more hours a day in order to achieve the 140 hour total. It’s certainly achievable, but is it healthy?There’s another cost to consider, though. Halo 4 includes 2 free weeks access to Xbox Live Gold, but you will need access for longer than that if you want those 600 points. So Microsoft is cleverly pushing you to sign up and pay for Xbox Live Gold through this promotion, which is worth much more than the 600 points they are offering as a reward.If you’re a hardcore Halo player with an existing Gold subscription then this is probably an easy 600 points to grab. For the more casual gamers out there, it’s probably not worth dedicating the next 23 days of your life to achieve. 600 points is only worth about $7.50, after all.via Xbox.comlast_img read more