first_imgThe transfer window is open; premier league sides are in a bit of scouting the best-talented player. These players have shown a great promise, and one team that is having it rough is Fulham FC. It has potential players who are most wanted. Narrowing down to one isn’t, easy. However, in the list below you’ll find one of the most wanted men who you’ve ever placed a bet on sites such as togel online Ryan Sessegnon Ryan is a versatile player who can play as a left-back, left-wing back, full left-sided forward or striker. This is all that managers seek to have in their teams. He has excellent balance, footwork as well as speed and ability to maneuver past defenders with or without a ball. There are very few wide men who can become second strikers with ease like Sessegnon, which is impressive. He is worth a gamble and is one of the most wanted players. Speculations have it that 50 million euros are required to pry him away from Fulham’s clutches. Teams like Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Spurs have shown an interest in the player.Jean Michel Seri This dynamic midfielder is a target by Barcelona. Jose Mourinho has also shown interest in this star player, as he wants to add him to his team at Manchester United. Liverpool had viewed Jean Michel as an exciting alternative for Naby Keita before they struck a deal with RB Leipzig. Jean has shown struggles in Fulham as is likely to be sold this summer. He may soon move to one of the big English premier league football clubs. Alfie MawsonA former Swansea city player and now a craven cottage treasured player, he is worth 20 million euros. There are speculations that Spurs has an eye on the 25-year-old star player. West Ham United have a bid on Mawson. These two teams are routing to have the player on their teamAleksander MitrovicAnother young player who the premier league teams have an eye on is Aleksander. There have been reports that the cost 22 million euros last summer and looking at his impressive game for Fulham this year, the price might double. He has scored six headers this season and the most in the premier league. He is an ideal player for the Cottagers as he looks to get the ball into the areas as his goals are the difference between mid-table finish a push and a Europa League place. Brendan Rodgers, Leicester City manager, has shown interest in this star player and if given an opportunity, he might be calling for the former Newcastle United’s player. Fulham will have to work hard to keep a hold of this powerful Serbian Conclusion Fulham FC is on toes to maintain their star players as they proceed to the next season. Supporting them is going to take extra effort. Punters have placed their bets on the Fulham’s most wanted man on various betting sites such as togel online. It’s only a matter of time to see if the odds will favor them and walk away with cash. Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebookby Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksRecommended for youLifestly.com25 Celebs You Didn’t Realize Are Gay – No. 8 Will Surprise WomenLifestly.comUndoAspireAbove.comRemember Pauley Perrette? Try Not To Smile When You See Her NowAspireAbove.comUndoZen HealthLittle Family Stars Confirm Very Sad NewsZen HealthUndoLifestly.comAt 78, Pele lives in this modest mansionLifestly.comUndoHappyTricks.comHer House Always Smells Amazing – This is how She Does It!HappyTricks.comUndoSky-Elite-NewsHusband Illustrates Everyday Life With Wife In 19 PicturesSky-Elite-NewsUndoUsed Cars | Search AdsUsed Cars in Tuen Mun Might Be Cheaper Than You ThinkUsed Cars | Search AdsUndoStyleReadsMagnesium Deficiency Causes Heart Attacks! Eat These 15 FoodsStyleReadsUndolast_img read more

first_imgNeanderthals: Just Another Ethnic Groupby Jerry Bergman, PhDYet another new article on Neanderthals supports the growing scientific consensus that they are just another group of human beings like you and me. Nonetheless, remnants of the old and now disproved evolutionary view keep hanging around. A new article in the May 2019 issue of the leading magazine The Smithsonian does a marvelous job covering this topic.[1] In short, the article, which includes reprints of cartoons maligning our Neanderthal relatives, opined: “Revolutionary discoveries in archaeology show that the species long maligned as knuckle-dragging brutes deserve a new place in the human story.”This topic has special meaning for me. Knowing that several colleagues of mine at the college where I taught for 31 years had Neanderthal DNA, I had mine analyzed by 23 and Me and found I am 51.6 percent Finnish-Swedish, which I already knew. I also found I have 360 Neanderthal variants which is more than 96 percent of the enormous 5 million-person database 23 and Me used as a comparison.In my case, Neanderthal ancestry accounts for about four percent of my overall DNA analyzed. The only larger percent, besides Finnish-Swedish, was British and German. One does not think of Neanderthal as related to blond, blue-eyed Scandinavians, but from what we know about Neanderthals they were well-adapted to the cold, so when the post-Flood Ice Age swept over Europe, the Neanderthals no doubt moved north up into Scandinavian lands where my relatives lived.New Research on Neanderthal ArtDeep within a cave in southern Spain, researchers have been searching for the ancient markings of the people they believe inhabited the caves there, namely the Neanderthals. The art is beneath layers of calcium carbonate. In one of three sites in Spain, cave explorers, or spelunkers, found designs consisting of hazy circles drawn with red ocher. Separated by hundreds of miles, the caves house handiwork—vivid artwork patterns (spheres, ladders or hand stencils). Using drills and surgical scalpels, the cavers grind and scrape the minerals that dripping groundwater deposited on top of the artwork for centuries. At each spot, “to avoid damaging the paintings,” a few milligrams of veneer are carefully removed without touching the final coat of calcite overlaying the ocher.The results have begun to change scientists’ understanding of the so-called prehistoric artistic creations. The findings are yet more evidence that the world’s first artists must have been Neanderthals, people once believed to be “stocky, stooped figures, preternaturally low-browed, who became extinct as sapiens inherited the earth.”[2] University of Barcelona Professor Zilhão, opined, “the paintings have turned out to be the oldest known art in Europe, and, with current knowledge, the oldest in the world.”[3]This is only one more find revolutionizing our view of Neanderthals. The old story began in the summer of 1856, “when quarrymen in Germany’s Neander Valley dug up part of a fossilized skull with a receding forehead.” Researchers have been arguing “about the position of this group of early people in the human family tree ever since,” speculating “they apparently thrived in Europe and Western Asia from about 400,000 to 40,000 B.C.”[4]A more modern depiction shows Neanderthals as strong, intelligent and culturally astute. What’s the difference? image by Mauro Cutrona.False Evolutionary Ideas Slowly Overcome by ScienceUnfortunately, soon after Darwin published his book that overturned the creation worldview, Homo neanderthalensisgot a bad rap as lamebrained brutes who huddled in cold caves while gnawing at slabs of slain mammoth. Nature’s down-and-outs were judged to be too dimwitted for moral or theistic conceptions, probably devoid of language and behaviorally inferior to their modern human contemporaries.[5]These now-discredited opinions were consequences of preconceived ideas about human evolution. Evolutionists needed missing links, and so placed these unusual bones into their “march of progress” between apes and men. If researchers would have gone where the scientific facts led them, a very different picture would have been drawn. A new body of research has emerged, transforming our image of Neanderthals as fully human as much as any ethnic group. In the Smithsonian article, Franz Lidz describes the transformed image:Through advances in archaeology, dating, genetics, biological anthropology and many related disciplines we now know that Neanderthals not only had bigger brains than sapiens, but also walked upright and had a greater lung capacity. These ice age Eurasians were skilled toolmakers and big-game hunters who lived in large social groups, built shelters, traded jewelry, wore clothing, ate plants and cooked them, and made sticky pitch to secure their spear points by heating birch bark. Evidence is mounting that Neanderthals had a complex language and even, given the care with which they buried their dead, some form of spirituality. And as the cave art in Spain demonstrates, these early settlers had the chutzpah to enter an unwelcoming underground environment, using fire to light the way.[6]Now this sounds more like my relatives! Finns tend to do well in running on the track partly because of their large lung capacity. That may be a coincidence, or it might be a relic of Neanderthal ancestry, given humans’ well-known adaptability to different environments. Unfortunately, old ideas based on evolutionary presumptions have for decades resulted in “squabbles over the intelligence and taxonomic status of these archaic humans” that havehave gotten so bitter and so intense that some researchers refer to them as the Neanderthal Wars. Over the years battle lines have been drawn over everything from the shape of Neanderthals’ noses and the depth of their trachea to the extent to which they interbred with modern humans. In the past, the combatants have been at each other’s throats over authorship of the cave art, which had been hampered by lack of precise dating—often sapiens couldn’t be ruled out as the real artists.[7]The latest rumpus centers on whether or not the abstract patterns qualify as symbolic expression, which would be indicative of cognitive sophistication. Dirk Hoffmann, a lead author of the cave art study, noted the one of the main evidence of the conclusion of Neanderthal humanity is evidence of theemergence of symbolic material culture [which] represents a fundamental threshold in the evolution of humankind… the debate over whether the cave art qualifies as symbolic expression “touches deeply on a concern that goes far beyond academic rivalries. It confronts the issue of how special we, as modern humans,” are.  Zilhão has been the Neanderthals’ loudest and most persistent advocate. At 62, he’s more or less the de facto leader of the movement to rehabilitate a vanished people.[8]Stay tuned. Another major problem is dating the Neanderthal bones and fragments.The Problem of DatingIf Neanderthals lived from 400,000 to 40,000 years ago as claimed, does this mean my 360 Neanderthal variants have managed to survive intact that long? DNA deteriorates very rapidly due to several causes, including background radiation from cosmic rays and the radiation that seeps up from the ground as radon gas, a byproduct of uranium-238 decay. Radon in turn decays by the emission of alpha particles to polonium, bismuth, and lead in successive steps, most of them also radioactive.Other sources of radiation include exposure to medical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as X-rays and CT scans, nuclear weapons production and testing, accidents such as at Chernobyl in 1986, and occupational exposure.[9] This is why the mutation load increases by about 100 new mutations for each generation. Mutations are constantly damaging genes which, fortunately, are repaired successfully 99.99 percent of the time by repair systems in body cells. The 100 or so new mutations per generation are a result of the 0.01 percent that are not repaired. In dead bodies, however, DNA damage is not repaired. Consequently, damage to DNA accumulates rapidly in cadavers and fossils.The half-life of DNA (the point at which fully half the DNA molecule backbone bonds are broken) is 521 years. Professor Morten E. Allentoft, Director of the Ancient DNA Laboratory, after extensive study, concluded that after 521 years DNA would be useless for comparisons or sequencing. I am unable to fathom sufficient DNA would remain for DNA analysis after 40,000 years—over 76 half-lives.[10] Specifically, Allentoft’s lab found, by analyzingmitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from 158 radiocarbon-dated bones of the extinct New Zealand moa, we confirm empirically a long-hypothesized exponential decay relationship. The average DNA half-life within this geographically constrained fossil assemblage was estimated to be 521 years for a 242 bp mtDNA sequence, corresponding to a per nucleotide fragmentation rate (k) of 5.50 x 10– 6 per year.[11]Furthermore, the 400, 000 to 40,000-year range estimate is a guesstimate, based partly on rocks and the surrounding environment. Early-1990s claims of million-year-old DNA recovered from fossils, Allentoft documented, are now widely regarded as modern contaminants. As anyone who has done sequencing of DNA is aware, contamination is a major problem.[12] This problem has been recognized for over 25 years by Lindahl, who observed that DNA, the carrier of genetic information, is not chemically stable outside a living cell.Hydrolysis, oxidation and non-enzymatic methylation of DNA occur at significant rates both in vivo and in vitro, but an organism fights the decay until it dies. Then, the spontaneous decay of DNA sets limits for the recovery of DNA fragments from fossils.[13] The only way to reduce this problem is to work in a level-5 clean room, as one who sequenced the mitochondrial and nuclear genomes of the Neanderthal, knows.[14] The fact is, “the kinetics of long-term post-mortem DNA decay is still poorly understood.”[15]In teaching forensics, I recall courtroom debates in my textbook about the quality of DNA of a woman we know died in 1947. After just 70 years, the woman’s DNA had become far too fragmented to make any valid conclusions, the court argued. The ability to sequence and reconstruct ancient DNA is improving and becoming more sophisticated,[16] but 40,000 years is an awfully long time, let alone 400,000 years.1960-era diagrams put Neanderthals beneath “modern” humansReferences[1] Lidz, Franz. 2019. “What Do We Really Know About Neanderthals? The Smithsonian Magazine. 50(2): 24-35,  86, May 2019.[2] Lidz, 2019., p. 26.[3] Lidz, 2019. P. 26.[4] Lidz, 2019, p. 28.[5] Lidz, 2019, p. 28.[6] Lidz, 2019, p. 28.[7] Lidz, 2019, p. 29.[8] Lidz, 2019, p. 29.[9] Report of the United Nations Scientific Committee on the effects of atomic radiation. UN Publication.[10] Allentoft, Morten E. 2012. The half-life of DNA in bone: Measuring decay kinetics in 158 dated fossils. Proceedings of the Royal Society Biology, 279(1748): 4724–4733.[11] Allentoft, 2012, p. 4724.[12] Allentoft, 2012, p. 4724.[13] Lindahl, Tomas. 1993. Instability and decay of the primary structure of DNA. Nature, 252(6422):709-715. April 22.[14] Pääbo, Svante. 2014. Neanderthal Man. New York, NY: Basic Books.[15] Allentoft, 2012, p. 4724.[16] Herrmann, Bernd and Susanne Hummel (Editors). 1994. Ancient DNA: Recovery and Analysis of Genetic Material from Paleontological, Archaeological, Museum, Medical, and Forensic Specimens. New York, NY: Springer Publishing.Dr. Jerry Bergman has taught biology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, anthropology, geology, and microbiology at several colleges and universities including for over 40 years at Bowling Green State University, Medical College of Ohio where he was a research associate in experimental pathology, and The University of Toledo. He is a graduate of the Medical College of Ohio, Wayne State University in Detroit, the University of Toledo, and Bowling Green State University. He has over 1,300 publications in 12 languages and 40 books and monographs. His books and textbooks that include chapters that he authored, are in over 1,500 college libraries in 27 countries. So far over 80,000 copies of the 40 books and monographs that he has authored or co-authored are in print. For more articles by Dr Bergman, see his Author Profile.(Visited 906 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

first_img28 June 2010South Africa’s “Surf City” was the place to be on Friday as fans streamed in by the thousands for one of the most anticipated matches of the 2010 Fifa World Cup group stages, Brazil versus Portugal. While the match itself did not live up to the hype, the city of Durban certainly did.Since the start of the 2010 Fifa World Cup™, over 300 000 people have visited the Durban Fifa Fan Fest™, situated at New Beach, just 3.5 kilometres from the spectacular Moses Mabhida Stadium.Durban’s tropical climate has certainly contributed to the success of the Fan Fest, but a major revamp of the Durban beachfront and surrounding area has also seen local residents and domestic tourists streaming back to a beautiful part of town that has been neglected for too long.FestivitiesThe festivities around the stadium started at midday on Friday as fans made their way along the beachfront to the stadium, soaking up the sun, sea and beachfront atmosphere. And while the chilly winter nights have seen fans heading back to warm pubs to watch the evening matches in some of the other cities, fans in Durban on Friday night were in no hurry to go home.Instead, they joined the thousands of fans that had not been lucky enough to get a ticket for the stadium at the Fan Walk and Fan fest for the Spain vs Chile clash at Loftus in Tshwane/Pretoria.“Durban is certainly where it is happening,” said 22-year old Justin Rodrigues from Johannesburg. “You simply walk out of the stadium and are spoilt for choice when it comes to where to watch the next game.”Beachfront entertainementWithin a couple of hundred metres of the stadium is the Sun Coast casino public viewing area, followed by miles of beachfront hotels, cafes and bars, packed to capacity with delighted fans, and then the Fan Fest itself, situated right on the beach among palm trees, with the Durban surf crashing in the background.The Brazilian supporters were very impressed with Durban’s carnival atmosphere. “It feels like we are at home, the beach reminds me of Rio and the people are great,” said Seleçao supporter Fillipo Domingues. “We hope to learn a lot from this World Cup, and by the time 2014 approaches, we will be ready,” .Local residents have also been swept away by the two-week long party. “The Fan Fest has enabled the people of Durban to speak one language,” said Sandile Ngubo. “It is true when they say soccer unites people. I watch most games at the Fan Fest, and the atmosphere is out of this world.”‘A country of its own’Deven Moodley agrees. “Since the World Cup started, the beach has felt like a country on its own. I have met so many people here, and we all have fun. It feels great.”Another local resident, Karabo Khumalo, said: “Watching the games at the Fan Fest has been a total bliss, even though Bafana Bafana is out. A lot of people are supporting other teams too. The mood hasn’t changed at all.”The World Cup has certainly brought a new sense of pride to the people of Durban.Fatima Dangor, a medical student who has watched four matches at the Fan Fest, is very impressed with the upgrades in her hometown. “It’s much nicer, there’s a wider space to walk, it’s lit and feels safer.Uplifted“The World Cup has really uplifted Durban – it has increased tourism, many of the potholes on roads have been filled, and we have a new stadium and a new airport,” said Dangor.Farnaaz Shaikjee, who has been working at one of the many local food stands run by her mother, agrees. “I think it’s so great. It’s improved the infrastructure for the residents of Durban, infrastructure that won’t be here for just one month.“Tourists can see what a beautiful city we live in and locals can enjoy it as well.”Source: 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa Organising Committeelast_img read more

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS) announced that Monroe Township in Clermont County is free from the invasive Asian longhorned beetle (ALB). This follows the eradication of ALB from Stonelick and Batavia townships in March.“We are excited to see continued success due to the dedication of our state, federal and local partners in the fight against the Asian longhorned beetle,” said Tim Derickson, assistant director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture. “This is one more important step to rid this pest from Ohio and we will continue to work together to achieve this common goal.”Derickson was joined by USDA APHIS representatives, as well as community leaders at an announcement ceremony and tree planting in Fair Oak Park, near the quarantined area in Monroe Township.ODA and USDA APHIS will move to lift the quarantine of Monroe Township. The beetle was first discovered in Tate Township in Clermont County in June 2011. ALB quarantines remain in effect for Tate Township, East Fork State Park and portions of the East Fork Wildlife Area.Residents should remain vigilant and inspect their trees regularly for signs of the beetle. Adult ALBs are large, shiny black insects measuring 1 to 1.5 inches long, not including antennae, with random white spots. Their white-banded antennae can be as long as the body itself on females and almost twice the body length on males.Signs of infestation include perfectly round exit holes (about 3/8 to 1/2 inch in diameter) made by adult beetles when they emerge from trees; pockmarks on tree trunks and branches where female beetles deposit eggs; frass (wood shavings and saw dust) produced by larvae feeding and tunneling; early fall coloration of leaves or dead branches; and running sap produced by the tree at the egg laying sites or in response to larval tunneling. The beetle will infest various common trees in Ohio, including all species of maple, buckeye, willow and elm.To report signs or symptoms of ALB, call the Ohio ALB Eradication Program Office at 513-381-7180 or report online at read more

first_imgA long time comingLooking back at my 2010 post, I was either prescient in visioning a simple certification system, or slow to come to the realization that it could be done. Regardless, I am hopeful that we are moving into a new era of green building that will lead to wider adoption through a simpler process. First steps to KISS (Keeping it Simple, Stupid)My personal involvement in simplification came through a project my firm worked on for Pinewood Forest, a new community south of Atlanta. The developer’s goal is to create a sustainable community adjacent to Pinewood Atlanta Studios, one of largest movie studio complexes outside of California.As part of their sustainability goal, they wanted to have all the homes “green building certified”; however, the participating builders were looking for something different from the available certification options. During a full-day charrette with the developers and key builders, after we reviewed the available green programs, a decision was made to create a custom green certification program for the project. Using elements from programs we work with, including EarthCraft House, NGBS, LEED, and Energy Star, we developed a simple prescriptive worksheet for each builder to use as a guide for their homes. Back in 2010, I presented a case for simplifying green building certification. I was frustrated with the complexity of every green building program I was working in and felt there had to be a better path for builders and consultants to create and verify high-performance buildings.Little did I know that eight years later I would be involved in several projects seeking similar simplification. We agreed that builders needed a simple, easily interpreted system, eliminating options that were inappropriate or unlikely to be used in this climate or development. We achieved consensus from the builders on what techniques they would use, such as advanced framing, sealed or properly insulated vented attics, low-VOC finishes, etc. Meeting program requirements is not a big reach; rather, it is a way to simply codify reasonably high-performance construction in a way that is manageable in the often unwieldy home building industry. The local electric utility, Coweta-Fayette EMC, agreed to provide mid-construction and post-construction verification inspections.We worked hard on managing the certification process, the result being a simple Excel workbook with 6 tabs, roughly in order of the construction process:(1) A pre-construction checklist that lists each item that must be included in the project. This is for the builder to use for reference when buying out the project(2) A rough inspection checklist identifying each item to be inspected prior to drywall installation. Broken down to work area (Attic, Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Crawl spaces, etc.), this can be used by the inspector to review each area of the project and confirm that all requirements are met, without going back to areas of the house multiple times to confirm each different requirement(3) A final inspection checklist identifying each item to be inspected at completion. Similar to the rough inspection checklist, this is separated by building area to speed up the inspection process(4) A blower door and ductwork checklist which includes targets for duct and envelope leakage and a place to list HVAC equipment details.(5) A ventilation and HVAC sizing worksheet that includes a calculator for the whole-house ventilation rate and entries for HVAC design calculations and equipment capacities that determines if sizing is correct.(6) A documentation and verification page listing all information the builder must supply to confirm that the project meets requirements (such as using non-invasive plants, finish and sealant VOC content, construction waste recycling, etc.).
There are no points and few options — just a straightforward path to a good building. It’s not groundbreaking, but it does provide guidance to builders on how to make their homes better and for inspectors to confirm the work is done correctly.Although we have not been involved in the implementation of the program, we understand that it is being used and that the builders like it. For critics who will complain that this program doesn’t go far enough, keep in mind that Georgia is still on the 2009 IECC, and most homes barely meet even those requirements. The prescriptive nature and format of this approach can be changed to reflect any level of building performance — as was done with recently with EarthCraft. On deckAs a task group member for the 2018 update of NGBS/ICC-700, I am currently involved in the development of a similar path for this program.A small group of us worked diligently to come up with an appropriate list of prescriptive requirements for this program as an option to using the full scoring system. One key difference from my earlier experiences was the need to have options for all appropriate building components in each climate zone. Another difference from the Pinewood Forest and EarthCraft programs is that NGBS requires a code-language style document because it is a standard developed under the ANSI adoption process, scheduled for early 2019.Assuming this alternate path is adopted as part of the Standard, it will be available for builders to use, or for any municipality to adopt as code. As the adopting agency for the standard, Home Innovation Labs will be responsible for creating a system for builders and verifiers to use to implement the program, as they have done for the program since the first version.Currently, builders using the three programs we usually work with can choose from a total of over 1,500 points between them (EarthCraft: 355 points; NGBS: over 1,100 points; LEED for Homes: 110 points). By eliminating the use of points with the new EarthCraft program, we have trimmed the total available points in these three programs to about 1,200 points, and if the new NGBS program is approved, the only program requiring points will be LEED.I look forward to the day when there are no points to worry about. I believe that having a simplified, streamlined path to high-performance building certification will continue to expand all certification programs, including NGBS, in the single-family arena.Finally, U.S. Green Building Council will soon release version 4.1 of the LEED for Homes rating system. The new version is intended to streamline their certification process, and I look forward to seeing the results of this effort. RELATED ARTICLES Green Building Programs Got Some ’Splainin’ to Do When Will We Reach Beautiful Simplicity in Green Building?Green Home ProgramsCould a Bare-Bones Energy Code Work?Study Finds That Green Certification Reaps Rewards Spreading the gospelIn the fall of 2017, soon after we finished our project for Pinewood Forest, EarthCraft, our regional green building program, held their annual Technical Advisor meeting. At that time, they entertained ideas about how they could update and improve their program.We shared the program we had created as a suggested route to take, and it was well received. In early 2018, EarthCraft released their new single-family certification program worksheet based on our earlier work. (Note that the Excel file you download has disabled macros, so it isn’t fully functional. You can download the full worksheet at this link. Look for EarthCraft House Version 2.)Currently in the pilot phase, the program is getting a good reception from builders, and we are certifying several homes through it.Next on EarthCraft’s agenda is to update their multifamily, renovation, and other programs to bring them up to date — and, we hope, to maintain similar levels of simplicity.last_img read more

first_imgHotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next “It’s been a while since we played together as a team. This is the core of Seasons 76 and 77 and we’re really just happy,” Valdez said. “We no longer knew what was happening on the floor, but we just played for all. When you see us, we’re just enjoying the game and it boosts our morale.”Valdez, though, made it clear that as great of an experience it was for them, the main purpose of the exhibition game will always be for the benefit of the scholars of both schools.“We really enjoyed the game and it’s been a while since we played Ateneo-La Salle and we’re glad that La Salle gave us a good fight, not only for the scholars, but also for pride and the fans who came here to watch,” she said.ADVERTISEMENT Trump strips away truth with hunky topless photo tweet LATEST STORIES Gilas rebounds mightily with ripping of Taipei “All this time, we’re just laughing,” a beaming Valdez shared.With the Lady Eagles feeling the pressure early on after going down 0-2, Valdez said the team opted to take things lightly and eventually settled down, joking with each other and just enjoyed their time on the floor.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSWin or don’t eat: the Philippines’ poverty-driven, world-beating pool stars“We told ourselves that it’s humiliating [if we lose in straight sets], so we calmed down and tried to get a set. Honestly speaking, we just told each other to fight because there’s a lot who came out to support us. Coach Tai (Bundit) also said the same, that the score doesn’t matter and we really just have to enjoy,” she said.And they did enjoy as Valdez and company relished the rare chance to play with their former teammates. Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentscenter_img FEU Auditorium’s 70th year celebrated with FEU Theater Guild’s ‘The Dreamweavers’ National Coffee Research Development and Extension Center brews the 2nd National Coffee Education Congress Ateneo Lady Eagles share a laugh after winning over La Salle Lady Spikers in Battle of the Rivals. Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netLaughter is indeed the best medicine.And Alyssa Valdez believes Ateneo’s laid-back mentality on Sunday propelled itself to a thrilling five-set victory over La Salle in Battle of the Rivals.ADVERTISEMENT Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ Church, environmentalists ask DENR to revoke ECC of Quezon province coal plant El Nido residents told to vacate beach homes Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ MOST READlast_img read more